• O114636

Alice Coltrane

  • Lord Of Lords
  • Jazz
  • Avant Garde Jazz, Fusion
  • 1972
  • Label: Coltrane Records / Impulse! / ABC (USA)
  • Length: 37:06


1 "Andromeda's Suffering" – 9.26
2 "Sri Rama Ohnedaruth" – 6.14
3 "Excerpts from The Firebird" – 5.42
4 "Lord of Lords" – 11.19
5 "Going Home" – 10.30

  • Music arranged and conducted by Alice Coltrane
  • Recorded (July 5-13, 1972) and mixed at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles


  • Alice Coltrane : harp, piano, organ, tympani, percussion
  • Charlie Haden : bass
  • Ben Riley : drums, percussion


  • Murray Adler (concertmaster),
  • Nathan Kaproff, Lou Klass, William Henderson, Ronald Folsom, Leonard Malarsky, Gordon Marron, Janice Gower, Gerald Vinci, Sidney Sharp, James Getzoff and Bernard Kundell : violins;
  • Myra Kestenbaum, Rollice Dale, Leonard Selic, David Schwartz, Samuel Boghosian and Marilyn Baker : violas;
  • Jesse Ehrlich, Jerry Kessler, Jan Kelly, Anne Goodman, Edgar Lustgarten, Ray Kelley and Raphael Kramer : cellos.

  • Engineered by Baker Bigsby
  • Produced by Ed Michel under the direction and inspiration of Alice Coltrane


If you’re in the mood Lord Of Lords is an amazing listen, full of high drama or calming spirituality, but be warned this really is nothing like what she has done before. The nearest comparison would be her phenomenal World Galaxy album, but that still had elements of jazz to it, whereas this album really is only orchestral and contains none of the snakey jazzy rhythms of that previous album. This is similar in concept to Alan Silva’s Seasons in that it is more of a orchestral album than a jazz one, but this is much more manageable in length, and much, much more listenable. Side two of this album finishes with the traditional spiritual “Going Home” which for those of you growing up in 1970’s England will remember as the Hovis bread advert, and an incredibly beautiful version of it she does too. Probably not an album you’d chuck on just for something to listen to, but when has Alice Coltrane ever made an album so lightweight as to just be a chuck-on album.

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